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In alliance with the radical queer communities in Orange County, UC Rebel Radio is happy to help out  QUAC (Queer Zine) make their first and second issues available for print and download.  We hope you enjoy it. The PDF link is below: QUAC #2 QUAC #1

From the Preface to Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities by Etienne Balibar “For different reasons, I totally agree that, in present-day capitalism, generalized formal education has become not only ‘reproductive’, but productive of class differences. It is merely that, being less ‘optimistic’ than [Wallerstein] is, I do not believe that this ‘meritocratic’ mechanism is politically more fragile than the historical […]

Congratulations to the reform slate AWDU on their sweep of the Executive Board of the UAW Local 2865 and to all other winning candidates. We expect change for the best and continued engagement. Following are links: AWDU on the Historic Win UAW Local 2865 Official Count Sheet Huffington Post Article on the AWDU sweep of […]

Last year, when concerns about vote tampering were raised by Graduate students (some of which would later become candidates for the AWDU caucus) during the ratification vote of the new UAW Local 2865 contract with the University of California, nothing was done by the UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee to address the issues of potential […]

(FROM SLUG ORGANIZING COMMITTEE) An open letter to UAW 2865 Elections Committee chair Travis Knowles *** Travis: Last night three members of the elections committee hastily abandoned the vote count underway at the UCLA office without counting any ballots from Berkeley or UCLA. You presented three motions, certifying the results of the election which had […]

The UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee just certified the recent Statewide and Local campus elections while throwing out ALL UC Berkeley and UCLA votes, the two largest campuses with a possible total of up to 40% of the votes. I guess they just don’t care about what those students have to say (specially, since they […]