the voice in the machine

Recent statements from the UC Administration and UC Academic Senate have made it clear that they have initiated a campaign against the student movement by appropriating its language and emphasizing that it lacks “civility” and “respect” in its actions. Instead of admitting to any police brutality on their campuses they remind us that their police officers also “sustained injuries” and, adding insult to real injury,  some students get a letter asking them to support their local UC police department by donating teddy bears to their x-mas charity event!

They think we are children, but unlike those who are to receive our teddy bear effigies this holiday season, they think we are spoiled and undeserving. It is the typical appropriation of the family model to claim control of authority; it is the ancient Greek system meant to appease and civilize the “unruly” and the “barbaric”, the dominance over the “natural”. Again, they think we are children easily appeased by the offer of a dialog with the state legislators, while it is them that have been playing shift-the-blame and find-the-scapegoat over and over again. They are the ones who imply that a protester’s smashed hand is a slap on the wrist. They are the ones who claim to be balanced in their assessment of a situation in which armed cops are confronted with a group of unarmed student protesters. They are the ones who are afraid, like children, of the breakdown of the routine slavery that is the current university system.

Guess what, Mr. Yudof? We already spoke to the legislators and they didn’t listen. We’ve outgrown the merry-go-’round. We know this dialog is a dead end and a stall tactic. We are not going to let you continue to raise tuition and layoff workers while you pretend to be our friend and guide us by the hand. The children are all grown up now and they are going to expose every lie and its messenger.

There is a voice in the machine and it is getting louder.



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