Reclaim Kroeber Hall

Via occupyca and indibay.

BERKELEY – Students at UC Berkeley are planning to reclaim Kroeber Hall during their first week of classes for this semester (beginning January 19).

Growing activism in California campuses is a necessary response to budget cuts and fee hikes. Last fall UC Berkeley students joined forces with with staff and faculty with a series of walkouts and occupations. Now the holiday break has not cured the disease of capitalism–the only thing we can do is continue the efforts of direct action. Kroeber Hall was site to last semester’s library takeover spanning 24hours, which successfully brought to light proposed closers of open hours of the campus’s dozen libraries. Now students and community is invited to participate in a takeover of the hall with displays and art, music and speakers. A panel discussion is planned, info table and the assorted other things we see at activist’s convergences (ie: food!) But this does not exclude you from bringing something to share or present etc. The action will take place over 3 day’s time so if it seems slow one hour–the next might be a memory you’ll never forget.
And this tiny action is to aid in the the massive March 4th statewide walkout. Now that’s entertainment!

This is another message being passed around:

We want to produce a new, positive type of space of what public education and our university really looks like. By setting up this space, we can begin to plan actions on how to reclaim our university in 2010.


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