Informational Film Series Begin @ UCSD

Demand nothing, Occupy everything: a Primer on Neoliberalism and its Discontents

All screenings will take place at the Visual Arts Facility (VAF) Performance Space from 7-9pm.

“Demand Nothing, Occupy Everything” is a film series examining neoliberalism, one of the roots of the current economic crisis affecting universities around the world, and the strategies that social movements have been using to respond to and push back against neoliberalism. The series considers the possibilities for political action today, as well as its limitations. The films in the series range from documentation of political actions to examinations of political theory and fictional accounts of important moments of political unrest. The topics range from a historical view of student actions in the 60’s to an international view considering actions around the world and a selection of recent videos spread virally through social networks online.

Each film night will begin with a short talk by Micha Cárdenas or a guest speaker to situate the film in the context of the current social situation across the University of California, but also at universities around the world. Specific focus will be given to personal experiences with these movements, the effects of neoliberalism on education and to efforts to reimagine what education could be.

Tuesday, Jan 12

And the War Has Only Just Begun by Tiqqun Excerpts from La Haine by Kassovitz Excerpts from If… by Lindsay Anderson Los Angeles UCLA Student Protest Student Occupation of New School UCSC Occupation – Friday Night ASTRONAUTS SEE UC STRIKE FROM SPACE

Tuesday, Jan 19

Excerpts from Un Granito de Arena
The Potentiality of Storming Heaven – on the Greek Student Occupations Excerpts from Tout Va Bien by JP Gorin and Jean-Luc Godard UC Berkeley Protests at Wheeler Hall Part 2 UC Berkeley Budget Protest. The Wheeler Frontlines Occupied Berkeley: The Taking of Wheeler Hall

Tuesday, Feb 2

Semiotics of the Kitchen by Martha Rosler. Excerpts from the Fourth World War. Excerpts from The Take Okupa! by Micha Cárdenas Can Dialectics Break Bricks? by René Viénet UCSC Occupation #4 – Kerr Hall – Fri

Organized by Micha Cárdenas, Ricardo Dominguez and Elle Mehrmand of the b.a.n.g. lab.


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