UC Berkeley’s official response to Kroeber Makeover

(via reclaim uc):

Email sent out this afternoon at 3:15 pm:

With the Spring semester’s beginning, we write jointly to remind the university community that use of our common resources — our classrooms, labs, offices, and public spaces — is subject to rules aimed at protecting the liberty of each of us to teach, learn, work, live, and engage in political expression. Rights of protest and demonstration are both protected and governed by rules of appropriate time, place, and manner, crafted collaboratively by faculty, students and administration, in accordance with First Amendment law.

In particular, we remind all that the following campus rules are fundamental to our respectful and vigorous life as a community diverse in beliefs, interests, and activities. These rules will be enforced as we embark on a season of renewed discussion and debate concerning the path forward for Berkeley and higher education. We expect the full compliance of faculty, staff, and students.

Read the rest of the email sent to the students at UC-Berkeley.


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