Police infiltrate occupation arrestee benefit party and jail 11

(via occupyca):

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Early on Sunday, January 31st, police busted anoccupation arrestee benefit party. Reports from on the ground state that police provided no dispersal warning before arresting people. 11 people have been arrested, some charged with felonies and misdemeanors. The police used excessive force and injured several people, one resulting in a head injury. One observer noted that the police used racial slurs and beat an individual already on the ground.

A crowd had gathered at the District Attorney’s office/County Jail at 850 Bryant St. earlier.

More updates to follow.

3:50am: 1 person detained and released. No charges filed.

6:21am: 7 released in total, 2 with no charges, rest with misdemeanors. 2 people are being held for the night. 2 remain in custody until Monday.

Read article from Golden Gate [X]press

A comment from party attendee.


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