Thurston Howell the Third

My listener and I are at the end of a six hour epic episode of Vinyl Is My Co-Pilot.  We listened to over 100 songs.  It was a Mr. Magoo ride through the indie soundscape.  Thoroughly awesome.  We even had a discussion about how much of a superhero Les Stroud is.  The guy is badass; who else can survive in the arctic?  He can even play harmonica.  In an objective comparison between Les Stroud’s vocals and Zooey Deschanel’s, I found no difference.  She shouldn’t be singing is all I’m saying..  She sounds like Keith Richards.

Another incomplete playlist.  Sorry.  I’ll post the rest.  Honestly.

1.  Fuck Buttons: Surf Solar (Tarot Sport)
2.  The Mae Shi: Pwnd (HLLLYH)
3.  Clipd Beak: Strangler (To Realize)
4.  Four Tet: Plastic People (There Is Love In You)
5.  The Dresden Dolls: Necessarily Evil (Yes, Virginia)
6.  Yeasayer: The Children (Odd Blood)
7.  Bodies of Water: Under the Pine
8.  The Fiery Furnaces: Duplexes of the Dead (Widow City)
9.  Starfucker: Florida (Starfucker)
10. Bob Marley: One Love/People Get Ready (Dub Version) (Legend)
11. Silence is Sexy: Where Were You
12. Chicago Underground Duo: Laughing With The Sun (Boca Negra)
13. Fever Ray: When I Grow Up (Fever Ray)
14. The Happy Hollows: Tambourine (Imaginary EP)
15. The Coathangers: Toomerhead (Scramble)
16. Reel Big Fish: She Has A Girlfriend Now (Turn The Radio Off)
17. The Presets: Girl and the Sea (Cut Copy remix) (Re-sets)
18. Ratatat: Loud Pipes (Classics)
19. Sunn 0))): Big Church (Monoliths & Dimensions)
20. A Place to Bury Strangers: It Is Nothing (Exploding Head)
21. Death From Above 1979: Little Girl (MSTRKRFT Edition) (Romance Bloody Romance)
22. Gowns: Fargo (Red State)
23. Devotchka: Transliterator (A Mad and Faithful Telling)
24. Doves: Darker (Lost Sides)
25. Port O’Brien: I Woke Up Today (All We Could Do Was Sing)
26. Fuck Buttons: Olympians (Tarot Sport)
27. Cloud Cult: When Water Comes to Life (Feel Good Ghosts)
28. The Walkmen: Little House of Savages (Bow + Arrows)
29. Fleet Foxes: Mykonos (Sun Giant [EP])
30. Dropkick Murphys: Which Side Are You On (Live on St. Patrick’s Day)
31. Major Lazer: Hold the Line ft Lexxus and Santigold (Guns Don’t Kill People…Lazers Do)
32. Joakim: Medusa (Milky Ways)
33. Yeah Yeah Yeahs: Zero
34. XX Teens: The Way We Were (Welcome to Goon Island)
35. The Mae Shi: Young Marks (HLLLYH)
36. Canoe: All At Once (I Give You..)
37. Dan Deacon: Baltihorse (Bromst)
38. Bygones: Cold Reading (by-)
39. Foxy Shazam: A Dangerous Man (Introducing)
40. Blu & Exile: My World Is… (Below the Heavens)


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