yellow, absorbent and pores is he

Hey Internet,

The inaugural show has just concluded.  It sounded like a scuzzed out synth electrofolk post-punk cabaret.  Which was kind of a boost after the disappointment I suffered upon learning that GOWNS had broken up.  They have and it’s tragic.  I’d like to remind everybody that Vinyl Is My Co-Pilot is all about consensus and listener participation and awesome things like this, so feel free to make requests.  Please note that if you request lame music, I will mock you.  Possibly publicly.  But don’t let this deter you.

Partial playlist (rest of it is coming!):

1.  Dan Deacon: Get Older (Bromst)
2.  The Happy Hollows: Death to Vivek Kemp (The Happy Hollows)
3.  The Mae Shi: Run To Your Grave (HLLLYH)
4.  Marnie Stern: The Crippled Jazzer (This Is It and I Am It and You Are it and so Is That and He is It and She Is it and It Is It and That is That)
5.  Bob Dylan: All Along The Watchtower (John Wesley Harding)
6.  High Places: Freaked Flight (Alternate version) (High Places)
7.  Starfucker: German Love (Starfucker)
8.  Florence and the Machine: Howl (Lungs)
9.  Flogging Molly: Another Bag of Bricks (Drunken Lullabies)
10. Dengue Fever: One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula (Venus on Earth)
11. Passion Pit: Moth’s Wings (Manners)
12. Mos Def: Supermagic (The Ecstatic)
13. Es: Ennen oli huonommin (Kes Maan Lapset)
14. No Age: Erasure (Nouns)
15. Death From Above 1979: Cold War (You’re a Woman, I’m a Machine)
16. Cloud Cult: The Tornado Lessons (Feel Good Ghosts)
17. Liam Finn: Lead Balloon (I’ll be Lighting)
18. Arrington De Dionyso: Mencerminkan Mahkota Kotor (Malaikat Dan Singa)
19. Awesome Color: Eyes of Light (Electric Aborigines)
20. Blitzen Trapper: Furr (Furr)
21. Mungolian Jetset: It Ain’t Necessarily Evil (We Gave It All Away…Now We Are Taking It Back)
22. High Places: Granola (High Places)
23. Gowns: White Like Heaven (Red State)
24. Gowns: Rope (Red State)
25. Streetlight Manifesto: If And When We Rise Again (Everything Goes Numb)
26. The XX: Intro (XX)
27. Joakim: Travel In Vain (Milky Ways)
28. Oakley Hall: No Dreams (I’ll Follow You)
29. Music Go Music: I Walk Alone (Expressions)
30. Times New Viking: (My Head) (Rip It Off)
31. Alaskas: Unshackled (Alaskas)
32. YACHT: Ring The Bell (See Mystery Lights)
33. Erykah Badu: AD 2000 (Mama’s Gun)
34. Battles: Tonto (Mirrored)
35. Duchess Says: Black Flag (Live) (Live at the Talking Head, Baltimore)
36. Electric Six: Your Heart Is Rising
37. The Dead Weather: 60 Feet Tall (Horehound)


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