Open Library @ UC Irvine

from the facebook event:

Need a place to study? Need a place to sleep?

Study-in/sleepover at Langson Library


During the last budget cuts, Library funding was cut disproportionately to other units. And next year, the libraries will likely be cut further. As a result, our libraries are open less than at most comparable schools around the country. We need our libraries to be open more. We need access to books, we need places to study and work. Our administrators CHOSE to cut library funding, they know we want more, yet they are ignoring us.

Help keep your library open! Come for a night of:
teach-ins, workshops, tutoring, study groups, videos, TA and professor office hours, food, games, and a midnight dance party!!

Bring a sleeping bag or blanket, books, games, food to share, and your friends! You don’t need permission to use your library–plan your own activities!

UCI belongs to us, let’s take it back!

Tentative schedule
before 4:45pm – gather inside
5:00pm-12:00am – Films and tutoring
5:00pm – Faculty teach-in
6:00pm – AB 540/DREAM Act
6:30pm – History of the Israel/Palestine Conflict, and the recent arrests
7:30pm – Campus workers and the campaign to insource janitors
8:00pm – General Assembly: plan for March 4th day of action and beyond
12:00am – study break, main lobby or library/Gateway courtyard (games and music)

Other teach-ins:
Anti-Olympics Resistance
Fighting Nazis in Orange County and Los Angeles

all day – tutoring
11:00am – Brunch/Lunch, faculty talk
5:00pm – Study-in will either end or continue another night

Math, Physics, Earth Systems Science, Film, Theater, Spanish, Writing, Criminology/Law, Portuguese, Sociology, Anthropology, and more!


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