Sit-ins @ UCLA & UCSD

(via occupyca):

San Diego, CA – A string of racist incidents at UCSD has sparked students there to take over the UCSD chancellor’s office. Yesterday evening, a noose was found in a library on campus catalyzing students to take direct action. Students outraged held a rally this Friday morning, and now hundreds have taken over the office. The BSU has given the administration a 5pm deadline to make effective changes that address racism on campus.


2:00pm: In solidarity with the UCSD folks, students are sitting in at Murphy Hall at UCLA

1. Closure of UCSD until there is a full investigation of events surrounding Compton Cook Out and the noose left hanging for 3 days in Library.1. Closure of UCSD until there is a full investigation of events surrounding Compton Cook Out and the noose left hanging for 3 days in Library.2. Expulsion of offending students and dismantling of The Koala newspaper.3. Diversity needs be met by March 4th.

4:00pm: Police deny that a second noose has been found, though rumors are still circulating that one was found hanging from a statue in Warren College.  Right now numbers at UCSD are decreased slightly, though many more are expected to come at 5pm, the deadline given to the Chancellor.

5:10pm: The UCSD sit-in has turned into a civil disobedience action.  Chancellor Fox apparently has not attempted to meet the demands of the students.  Some students have left the office to support outside, but estimates of 80-100 students inside are willing to be arrested.  So far no word of police action or likelihood of arrests.

5:20pm: Drum circle forming outside Chancellor’s office.  Police are threatening arrests.  Students: “We will stay until BSU demands are met.”

5:23pm: According to one source, as many as 300 people still inside the office. A live audio stream is available here.

5:35pm: Students meeting with Chancellor Fox return to the sit-in to discuss the letter they received from the admin, describing it as, “bullshit.” They plan to return on Monday with their response. The student(s) involved in the noose incident is being suspended, although a time frame hasn’t been established. The protesters are not satisfied with this weak response by the administration, considering this new document from the Chancellor to have no new concrete improvements over previous ones.


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