Blackout: BSU @ UC Berkeley

BERKELEY, California – Black Student Union at UC Berkeley in outrage and solidarity with the UCSD BSU.


Berkeley “Blackout”: Meanwhile, this morning, about 150 mostly African American Berkeley students showed solidarity with students at UCSD affected by the current racial emergency by staging their own “blackout.” They dressed in black, put tape across their mouths and stood outside Sather Gate. Here are some excerpts from their event flyer:  “Listen to the silence — Blackout 2010…We are brothers and sisters in a nonviolent, silent demonstration, standing in SOLIDARITY with the UCSD students who have been affected by blatent acts of ignorance and hatred…The UC Berkeley Black community stands here silent. Silent because we fear for the future. Silent because the past is prologue. Silent because there is nothing left to say. Our silence, then, is your opportunity to act.” For a news story on this, click HERE. For pictures, see below.


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  1. Miah Sims · · Reply


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    We have been trying to get the word out about this exciting new program which was launched just a few months ago. Many people know the Y as being a “swim and gym” with great facilities and are unaware of some of the amazing community programs such as this mentoring program. Building Futures Mentoring is a free program of the YMCA of the East Bay. Youth today experience overwhelming challenges, and it is imperative that they have access to additional support when it is not available in their families or immediate environment. Being able to recruit mentors whom are willing to share their knowledge, experience and time would be a gift in the life of a young person.

    We serve at-risk youth ages 6-16 in Oakland, Richmond, Pleasanton and surrounding areas in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. Mentors meet with their mentees once each week for an average of 1-3 hours over a 1-year period. Unique features that set us apart from other mentoring programs include volunteers receive 15 hours of training, ongoing supervision and support from trained mental health professionals and parents/guardians are included in the mentoring process by being part of the youth intake assessment and process of setting goals.

    I am currently looking for a diverse group of mentors who are able to commit to working with a young person each week for a year’s time. If you could assist me in getting the word out, and refer some potential mentors whom you think would be a good fit for the program, I would greatly appreciate it!

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    Positive and consistent relationship with a caring adult.
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    Weekly time out of the house and exposure to activities around the city
    Access to YMCA programs and activities.
    Fun Times & Lasting memories!

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