Leaked: Itemized list of Kerr Hall “expenses”

(via occupyca):

TWANAS obtained a copy of the admin’s itemized list of “damages” and expenses associated with the Kerr Hall occupation, totaling $34,992.04, for which 36 students are being fined $944 each and one spokesperson threatened with cancellation of her degree. A mico-level reprise of November’s fee hikes: the regents shamelessly robbing students to pay for bullshit. The list includes $8637 for paint even though there was no graffiti anywhere, and around $1000 related to lightly-damaged tables. At a time when the school is raising fees, firing employees and cutting entire majors, they decide to impose further financial hardships on students involved in protests just so they can waste the money making Kerr Hall look exactly like it did before November.

But you know what, bourgeois? There will be no return no normal.


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  1. Stop complaining · · Reply

    Who do you think should pay for the damages? You caused the damage so you should pay for repairs. Grow up. Take responsibility for your actions. Or just ask your parents to pay since it’s part of your education. If you are going to continue to waste money then stop blaming everyone else. You, and only you, are responsible for your actions.

    You keep complaining about wasted money in the UC system. Look in the mirror.

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