“Call for World Action” – Student Federation of Thailand

“Stop the Violence; Stop Killing People; We Are not Terrorists”“The violent crackdown against red shirt demonstrators by the Ahbisit Vejjajiva government led to the tragedy of 22 deaths on April 10, 2010. The government not only refuses to take responsibility for this wrongdoing but also uses Thai media under its complete control to bombard Thai society almost 24 hours a day with beautiful words but distorted information, suggesting that the deaths might have been caused by terrorists who have mingled with the red shirt protestors. The Abhisit government has officially announced that aggressive suppression will be used to crush the terrorists the government asserts mingle with the red shirt protestors. There is no sound evidence that there are terrorists among the red shirt protestors. However, the Abhisit government is using the word “terrorists” to deceive society and justify the use of heavy weapons and live ammunition against the red shirt protestors. This might lead to a new massacre of the red shirts, who are unarmed and now protesting in peace at Ratchaprasong intersection in the heart of Bangkok.To stop the killing or any type of violence that might be repeated by the Abhisit government, we, the “Progressive Democracy Group”, including some government officials, academics, businessmen, students, and people from various local groups, would like to ask the world for immediate action to help save innocent lives in any manner you can. We strongly ask the Abhisit government to immediately lift the stage emergency and Thai state security forces, and stop all kinds of violent suppression that violate human rights or might lead to the people massacre.”

the thai riot police
Student Federation of Thailand Facebook Group (in Thai).


  1. God Help Those Who Helps Themselves.

    The power , manipulation and resistance and rule by fear that Prem and his puppet Abishit have left is? they are left alone to fight the reds without world intervention.

    To stop all the killings of innocent life by that tyrant and his gang. A MUST , students protest along side the red will end all the killing of innocent life. The world will join in to stop that childish idiot tyrant Prem and gang
    out of power.
    Why student aren’t protesting in especially Bangkok. They are being manipulated , brain wash and same time being threaten to stay out of trouble.
    You Student Federation of Thailand come out of your shell. No one can threaten you. Come out and fight for a better , brighter, fairer , stronger future for your Nation .

    Do not fear that Tyrant , he don’t have many more years to live.

    He has no family to take revenge upon you.

    Get out of your dormitory , apartment and join the Red to March on for True Democracy.


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