First student conduct letter issued @ UC Irvine

(via occupyca):

The first Student Conduct letter for budget-related actions was delivered by email today, to Graduate student John Bruning, for alleged violations occurring on November 24, 2009, at UCI’s Aldrich Hall, and March 3, 2010, at Cal State Fullerton.  Bruning was arrested on the first occasion after allegedly–and according to the arresting officers–pounding on a glass door, after police had closed the administration building (including Financial Aid and the Registrar) to the public during a rally against police brutality at UCLA.  The second date refers to the Humanities Building “reclamation” at CSU Fullerton, where participants were detained, issued stay-away orders, and told they were being released without charges, but just last week were informed they were being charged with trespassing.

The letter follows threats of disciplinary actions–including expulsion–against the Irvine 11, and Student Conduct actions against over 100 students at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.  This may be the first case of a California university disciplining a student activist for participating in actions off-campus.

The letter cites allegations “that you have violated the following University policies specified in the University of California Policies Applying to Campus Activities, Organizations, and Students” on campus, and “in accordance with our Off-Campus Behavior Policy (101.00a)”:

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