May 6 Vote to Jeopardize the Current “Multicultural” and “International” Breadth Requirements @ UC Irvine

(via facebook event):

The campuswide Committee on Educational Policy will be convening at 11:30am on May 6th to vote on a proposal to eliminate UCI’s multicultural and international breadth requirements.

This has already happened at UC Davis and we cannot let it happen here, especially in the current culturally and racially insensitive environment on UC campuses.

The recent law (SB 1070) passed in Arizona and the similar legislation proposed in California illustrate the necessity of preserving multicultural education.

So it seems that the campus wide Committee on Educational Policy is not considering “removing” categories 7 and 8 (the multicultural studies and international/global issues requirements) from the list of general education requirements entirely. Instead, they will consider diminishing these requirements. They are proposing that Requirements 7 and 8 be met only by classes which also meet GE Requirement 2, 3 or 4 (Science and Technology, Social and Behavioral Science, or Arts and Humanities). There are 17 classes which now meet the multicultural or international issues requirements but don’t also satisfy requirement 2, 3 and 4. This list includes sociology and poli sci classes and a chc/latino studies class, among others.

The question is, what will happen to these 17 classes? If they are not expressly cut, removing them from a list of classes which satisfy a GE requirement will severely reduce enrollment. Either way, a proposal like this will functionally, if not nominally, remove the multicultural component of education at UCI. Although the issue is not as clear cut as it seemed, the energy that we have put into it so far should not go away. The elimination of ANY classes from the Multicultural Breadth Requirement cannot be tolerated right now.

Sign the current petition.


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