UCSC Strike Committee Issues Demands

(via occupyca):


As adopted by the UCSC Strike Committee, April 28, 2010

Repeal the 32% fee increase of 2009-10.  No future fee increases.

Rescind all cuts to departments, instructors, and workers.  No future cuts.

Restore full funding to Community Studies.  Rescind layoffs to field coordinators.  Rescind suspension of the major.

Rescind layoffs for instructors in LALS and other departments and programs.

Restore full funding to Language instruction.  Rescind layoffs of language instructors.

Restore funding for faculty hires in History of Consciousness and in all other departments that have had searches cancelled.

Restore all TAships that have been cut in 2009-10.

Repeal/rescind ALL furloughs, layoffs, START time, and/or reductions in classification for ALL workers.

Expand access for all California students, with particular attention to low-income students, undocumented students, and underrepresented minorities.

No tuition or fees to attend the University of California.

Support the DREAM Act allowing financial aid for AB540 students.

Restore affirmative action in UC admissions.

Expand retention efforts on all campuses.

Make quality of education the top priority at the UC.

Restore full funding to campus libraries.  Allocate sufficient additional funding to restore open hours to the levels of 2000-01.

Reduce class and section sizes across the board.

No outsourcing of grading or instruction.

Wage increases for all instructors and workers above cost-of-living.

Reject recommendations of the UC Commission on the Future that will limit access, harm instructional quality, or privatize the university.

Fight to re-establish UC financial aid eligibility for undocumented California high school graduates.

Reject recommendations to adopt a multi-year fee increase schedule, differential tuition, online instruction, three-year degrees, and to increase out-of-state enrollment.

Drop all charges against student activists on all campuses.

Revise student judicial procedures to allow full constitutional rights for students, including but not limited to due process rights, rights of evidence, and rights to hearings.

End police/staff surveillance of students, workers, and activists.

Investigate Student Judicial Affairs, the UC Santa Cruz Police Department, and Student Affairs to determine whether student and worker rights have been violated during the 2009-10 campaign of repression.  Discipline any employees who have violated such rights.

Institute full student, worker, and faculty control of the University of California.

Abolish the UC Regents.

All administrative positions to be selected democratically by students, workers, and faculty.

EVC/Campus Provost position will remain permanently vacant.

Institute salary cap for all UC employees.

Fire Mark G. Yudof for cause: betrayal of the mission of the University of California.


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