By King Yudof’s decree, the UC Irvine Pastures have officially assigned a task force to patrol student activism within its campus under the guise of “investigating campus climate”.

Subject line

Dear UC Irvine Students:

Civility, respect and appreciation for others form a 
cornerstone of our values. They are reflected in our 
actions, interactions, and in the teaching, research 
and public service activities we engage in every day.

Today, these themes are resonating across the 
University of California system and beyond.

President Yudof has asked each campus to appoint a 
Campus Climate Council, a multi-constituency advisory 
committee that will monitor and consider the

interpersonal and intergroup atmosphere on campus, and 
advise the chancellor on ways to further the spirit of 
inclusion and community. I will chair UC Irvine's 
council initially; EVC & Provost Michael Gottfredson 
and Ron Huff, former social ecology dean, will serve as 
vice chairs. In addition to the ten individual campus 
councils, there will be a UC systemwide council with 
representatives from each campus.

I look forward to working closely with the council as 
we continue to support collaboration rather than 
confrontation, and as we work together to establish and

use additional channels of communication to address the 
important issues we face daily.

It was interesting to note a similar theme echoed in 
a commencement address last week by President Obama, 
in which he called for civility as we address multiple

challenges currently facing our nation. " . . . it's 
important for everyone to join in the debate, with all 
the vigor that the maintenance of a free people requires.

But we cannot expect to solve our problems if all we do 
is tear each other down. You can disagree with a certain 
policy without demonizing the person who espouses it."

We have built a robust and thriving university by working 
together. I look forward to the council's contributions 
to an even brighter future.

Chancellor Michael Drake

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