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THANK YOU for you SUPPORT and Positive Energies.

*PLEASE Help the Santa Ana 8 by calling the Orange County District Attorney, Tony Rackauckas 714.834.9600 or 714.834.3952 and demand for all charges 2 be dropped. Spread the word.*

From Arizona to Costa Mesa: The Racism Ends Here
June 3, 2010
Santa Ana, California

Orange County Residents- Migrants, Mothers, and Students Demand an END to 287(g)- Police Departments and ICE collaboration, Respect and Dignity for all Human Beings.

As Indigenous Peoples to the American Hemisphere (Turtle Island, Iztatitlan, Aba Ayala) we have lived and migrated freely on these lands for thousands of years. We recognize no colonial borders or policies that for 518 years have terrorized our communities. We demand a human right to migration, to work, to live in peace and dignity and to equal regularization (legalization).

We demand that the city of Costa Mesa immediately repeal their “Rule of Law” resolution. We demand that NO local police departments work in collaboration with Homeland Security (I.C.E.). We demand that the city of Santa Ana declare itself a sanctuary city for migrant peoples. That the Santa Ana Police Department put an immediate end to check-points which result in the stealing of vehicles from working class peoples. These tactics create devastating separation of families and an environment of terror in our county.

We heavily oppose Bill Hunt for Sherriff of Orange County and urge all local officials to stop welcoming racist politicians like Sheriff Joe Arpio from Maricopa County, Arizona. We forbid any Nazi-like tactics that violate basic human rights to be practiced in our county. We stand in opposition to Allan Monsoor’s candidacy for state Assembly because of his openly anti-migrant history.

We demand an end to the displacement of our communities through city contracts with development companies and corporations that push-out families, small businesses and homes. We demand that cities in Orange County include the voices of our communities when making re-development plans.

48.8% of Santa Ana’s city budget went to police department in the fiscal year of 2010-2011; this resulted in the further militarization of our streets and the criminalization of our people. We demand the redistribution of Santa Ana’s cities budget to be allocated towards schools, libraries, parks, education, youth services and community benefits.

We believe that public schools should be a space where our children feel safe and empowered. Children should not feel they are being targeted by law officials and school administrators. We demand that all school districts in Orange County make their schools a place of sanctuary.

Corporate policies like the North American Free Trade Agreement allows the appropriation of our natural resources and basic human sustenance of communities in Mexico and through out the Americas. Basic survival needs like food and shelter causes the forced migration of families. We demand dignified economic policies: the elimination of NAFTA; an end to U.S. military intervention, and the right to migrate freely as Indigenous Peoples.

FUERZA y todo el Poder al PUEBLO


1. No ethnic cleansing or cultural genocide through borders, border militarization, or wars

2. The immediate repeal and end to all racial profiling and racists laws that target and criminalize communities including but not limited to Costa Mesa’s “Rule of Law”, Arizona SB1070, 287G, and Arpaio tactics

3. Immediate closure and abolition of all prisons that enslaves hardworking individuals and that are treated as criminals

4. No to contracts or agreements between city or local government departments (police or sheriff departments) with homeland security or ICE

5. No to attacks on communities and youth through deportation, ICE raids, e-verify, checkpoints, military recruitment and gang injunctions

6. No to the displacement of families and people through gentrification or deportation

7. Yes to immediate and unconditional regularization (“legalization”) of all people with the right to a quality education and right to work with living wages and benefits

8. Yes to dignity, respect, justice and the development of autonomous communities for all

9. Immediate redistribution of Santa Ana’s City Budget. Money towards social services (libraries, parks, community centers, cultural centers, and places that engage the community) instead of going to the SAPD

10. Yes to quality, relevant, free education for all

11. We are opposed to oppressive, sale-outs, openly racists officials, who do not act in solidarity with their community such as Miguel Pullido, Joe Arpaio, Bill Hunt, and Allan Mansoor.

12. Yes to all cities, states, and nations declaring themselves sanctuaries communities.


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