More Violence Today as Demonstrators Took to the Legislative Building at the Capitol in San Juan, PR.

(via occupyca):

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – Students from the University of Puerto Rico are demonstrating in front of the legislative building at the capitol today in the midst of a controversy around an $800 tuition increase expected to begin in January and increased privatization. A 62-day long student strike ended last week after a student negotiating committee and university administrators and trustees negotiated an agreement. It now appears that the agreement has been violated with this new round of tuition increases, the appointment of 4 new trustees interested in increased privatization measures, and attempts to punish students involved in the strike.

Students are demanding to be heard as they see irreparable damage being caused on the 11 campus university system. Demonstrators and members of independent media attempted to gain entry into the building, but were pushed away by police forces. At least one student was repeatedly beaten in the head and pepper sprayed by police. The student is receiving medical attention now as police swarm the building and a helicopter hovers above.


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