Report on Status of General Education Requirements @ UC Irvine

A new Report on the Status of the General Education Breath Requirements at UC Irvine which were threatened to be changed for the worst during the previous academic year has just been released. From it, you may clearly see what the main problem is: the restrictive understanding of vague terminology for evaluation of courses into the set of “Skills, Knowledge, and Application”. What do these terms mean anyway? May something you learn in an English course not be used for “application” purposes (i.e. writing a letter? a formal essay?), or help you acquire “skills” (i.e. knowing how to do good research),  or even, gosh, TEACH you something, provide you with human knowledge? Is learning a foreign language merely a “skill” or an “application”? Does it not teach you to think in an entirely new way?

Read the report yourself:



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