UC Rebel Radio Takes Over UC Irvine (for an hour)

To Celebrate All Souls and Rock and Roll day, on Monday, Nov. 1, 2010, and nonchalantly, the Rebels hauled the machines, cables, and banners to the Student Center South Stage @ UC Irvine while the crowd of students, staff, and teachers went by to pick up their crappy lunch at the Aramark controlled Army-like food court. Some took pictures. Some wandered back and forth like bunnies.

Big Spoons to the Radical Student Union for allowing us to use their time and sound permit to Rock the crowd for an hour of “Free Speech”.


After alternating musical selections the Rebels were approached by passer-byers and some took flyers cuz they needed to take notes in their math classes.

Five minutes past the hour, the Student Center Watchmen came to un-plug us.

What campus should be next?


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