5 Detained at UC Irvine

Around 11 this morning a group of students began to chalk the plaza in front of Langson Library with updates about the Regents’ meeting at UCSF and student protests taking place there along with statements like “Strike!”, “Fight the Fee Increases!” and “Capitalism in Crisis”. They then moved to the Student Center Plaza and began chalking the walls of the student center with similar messages about the fee crisis as well as a recommendation for grad students to vote no on the ratification of the contract with the Student Workers’ Union.

Shortly after moving to the Student Center several UCIPD officers detained five of the alleged chalkers on the basis that chalking is considered vandalism and a misdemeanor. A Student Center official sent word that the administration was not interested in prosecuting these students. They were subsequently released, although they were told that an information report would be filed and forwarded to the Dean of Students and possibly the D.A..

At noon today, 5 students were detained by UCIPD officers for writing messages about the fee increases, new UAW contract, and police violence with sidewalk chalk.  All were allegedly stopped for “vandalism”, and were told they may face criminal charges and/or student conduct sanctions.  This author was threatened with arrest for trying to identify officers.  Detaining officer numbers were #928 and #944, #921 was supervising officer, and one self-identified plain-clothes officer (no badge number) was on the scene.  Before the students were even released, the administration had underpaid student workers cleaning up the chalk.”
-courtesy of occpyuci.wordpress.com

Solidarity with the UC-wide protests to defend the integrity of public education!

In other news: 16 arrests were reported from the protest at the UCSF Mission Bay Campus (where the Regents’ Meeting is taking place) by occupyca.wordpress.com



  1. Alec Kimmel · · Reply

    While I was in class. More people should be reading this. Thank God, Berkeley has come to Southern California.

  2. […] in the last twenty-four hours, I find myself saying something I can’t believe I have to say: Chalking your campus your campus to announce an upcoming event is a legitimate form of expression. Putting up caustic […]

  3. […] another update: UC Rebel Radio reports that yesterday 5 UC Irvine students were detained for chalking about the fee increases.  Nothing […]

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