Letter to Peter King, DIrector of Media Relations, UCOP

Peter King

Director of Media Relations

UC Office of the President

1111 Franklin St., 12th Floor

Oakland, CA 94607-5200

November 17, 2010

Dear Mr. King:

You are cited by the NPR station KALW as stating that campus police officer Kemper, who drew a gun today and pointed it at students, “was beaten with his own baton and drew his weapon in self-defense” (http://informant.kalwnews.org/2010/11/uc-regents-meeting-erupts-in-clashes-between-police-protesters/). KALW points out that KTVU video (http://www.ktvu.com/video/25828298/index.html) conflicts with this statement: “In the video, Kemper seems to lose his baton while trying to push through a crowd of sign-wielding demonstrators and draws his pistol shortly thereafter.” Indeed, the statement you are cited as having made—not that Kemper was afraid that he would be beaten, but that he had been beaten, and “with his own baton”—is too far from the facts shown in the video to be simply an alternative interpretation. Kemper is not touched with his own baton, much less “beaten.” We request that you explain what your statement was based on. Since you were not a witness to the event, who informed you that Officer Kemper had been beaten? Where did that person, in turn, get this idea? If Officer Kemper is the original source of the details in your statement, then he has given a false representation and this itself is worthy of investigation. If Officer Kemper is not the source of the details in your statement, then surely it is a matter of public concern to the university community to know how your statement came about. You may reply to all of us at this email address.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Rei Terada

The Rebels

(and more to come…)


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