The Rebel Side of Things: A mini-response on the public domain.

Dear Listeners/Readers,

Recently, UC Rebel Radio acquired an audio recording of a public meeting between UC Irvine graduate students and UAW Local 2865 President, Christine Petit. UC Rebel Radio chose to publish it knowing well that it was a recording of a PUBLIC EVENT, as publicized in the facebook event:

We were also told by the person providing us with the recording that the recorder was set for everyone to see on a table around which a relative small number of people were seated. As a cause of this recording and subsequent publication on our site, a recent blog was posted (click here) arguing the intention of said actions were merely seeking to establish a secretively defamatory campaign against the UAW Local President and the rest of the lackeys vying for the oh-how-fucking-wonderful-Yes-vote, however this could not be further from the truth.

We believe the only “secretiveness” involves UAW staffers trying to keep the truth from its membership.

This recording, as all recordings posted on our site, are for the sole purpose of our audience’s entertainment.


The Rebels


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