Tales from a Dance Despite Repression

On the evening of December 02, 2010, students gathered to reclaim university space with music and dance @ Humanities Hall in UC Irvine. People shared their tunes and glow sticks. The only sour note of the night was when the lone police officer (Haid) crashed the party to “take a couple of names down to report to the Dean of Students” although he claimed no one complained or was in violation of any law at the gathering. The two people whose names were “written down” at the party happened to be innocent¬†bystanders, but then again he just needed two names and any two names seem to have been sufficient. One person’s name was taken down because someone else said he “was in charge” the other’s name was taken down because he identified himself as “a student”.

To the UC Regents: we urge you to end the repression of public freedoms at your institution.


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