UC Rebel Radio is a 1 Year Old Baby, Baby.

On December 5, 2009, UC Rebel Radio went online with the sole intention of becoming yet another voice in the midst of the outrageous fee increases at the University of California by providing a link between music and protest. Throughout the months, this project has welcomed many guests from various UCs to speak and to become active members by providing written news and critique on the issues that matter most to us, the students and workers of the University of California. This project has sought collaboration with other groups including our friends at OCCUPYCA.wordpress.com, OCCUPYUCI.wordpress.com, Radio Free UCSD, and UCGRADSTRIKE.wordpress.com to name just a few. All of our collaborations have helped us learn that there are truly other people out there as dedicated to protest and community as they are to dancing and singing along to a great tune.

Among the permanent members of this group, the staff at UC Rebel Radio would like to thank Rebels 2, 420, 9, and 5billion2nd for their continued dedication, laughter, dancing, and musical selections–they are truly our most wonderful links to the rest of the world. Without them this would simply be another webpage.

In the coming month, we expect yet another expansion as we seek to move into our own server (and possibly out of WordPress and/or Blogger) to provide even better service and a more interactive experience. We would like to acknowledge all of our donors who made this possible by participating during our internet fund-drive. (If you would like to donate there is still a PayPal donate button on our listening page).

But most of all, on this day of our first anniversary, we would like to thank you, the listener and reader, who has made time to wiggle out of the mainstream and into the rebellious audio waves. We will continue to bring it, as long as you’re willing to dance it.

w/ Love and Gratitude,
The Rebels


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