SFDA brings battery charges against student protestors; 1 arrested.

(from Those Who Use It)

As our comrades at Mobilize Berkeley have already publicized, a UC Berkeley undergrad was taken into custody today and remains locked up in a San Francisco jail.

This morning, the 13 protesters who were arrested at November’s UC Regents’ meeting had their day in court.  Initial reports were optimistic, as the majority of the arrestees had no charges filed against them.  Note that this is not the same as having their charges dropped; until next November 17, the DA has the option of filing these charges at any time.

Then came the bad news.  Three current and former UC Berkeley students were charged with assault on an officer.  This came as an utter shock, as none of the 13 people arrested on Nov. 17 were arrested on such charges.  One of the three has since had her charges dropped, and a second has posted bail.  However, a UC Berkeley freshman remains behind bars.  Both the alumnus who posted bail and the student still in custody are being charged with obstruction, resisting, and assault on an officer with injury.  Bail is currently set at $30,000 for this student.

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