UCPD cop exonerated for smashing student’s hand outside Wheeler Hall Occupation @ UC Berkeley


If someone put you on the spot and asked you what you thought was the most egregious act of police violence committed outside of the occupation of Wheeler Hall on November 20, 2009, chances are pretty high that you would describe a student who had her hand repeatedly smashed by a cop’s baton against a metal barricade, requiring her to get immediate reconstructive surgery and permanently disabling at least one of her fingers.  Soon after the attack, this student filed an official grievance with the UCPD’s internal review board.  The results were not announced until late June of last year, way past the deadline to file a grievance with the Chancellor’s office.  But perhaps “announced” is an overstatement.  This student never actually received the letter, below.  Instead, UCPD mailed it to her lawyer, who never told her about it, assuming he was mailed a duplicate copy; protocol is that the complainant must be mailed a copy.

The results of the internal review?:

the investigation disclosed that the incident occurred, as charged in the allegation, but the act was found to be proper, lawful, and appropriate under the circumstances.

The name of the officer who committed this act was never disclosed.  Our comrade now cannot file a further grievance with the Chancellor’s office, as she was never actually mailed the letter, but only learned of it months later by happenstance in an informal conversation with her lawyer.

(Read the rest of the article)


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