New Round of Chalking @ UC Irvine

UC Irvine – Students and faculty got their hands dirty this morning at UC Irvine as free chalk was all of a sudden available in front of the Langson Library and the Administration building. Some  students wrote slogans of protest addressing recent UC-based incidents and grievances.  Some slogans remembered the previous mass-chalking events at the University for which several  students were detained without reason as well as the on-going case against 19 students and workers who participated in a sit-in during Feb. 24, 2010, the recent hike in retirement age for faculty, and the incident in which officer J. Kemper of UC Irvine drew his gun against students during a Regents meeting at UCSF late last year. Other messages appeared as well. For instance,  members of Sigma Pi marked their letters on the pavement because they could not come up with anything else to say and many people participated who just wanted to make their presence known by writing down their name.  Some played hopscotch.


One comment

  1. The po-po was a no show this time.

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