Regent Blum Wants to Raise In-State UC Tuition to $40,000

(From Remaking The University)

No, Richard Blum didn’t actually say that.   But that’s where the plan he mentioned at a Wednesday Regents’ session ends up.  Let me explain.

On Wednesday afternoon, the Regents were treated to a helpful budgetary presentation by senior UCOP budget officials Patrick Lenz and Nathan Bostrom – helpful because it looked at the next five years, was frank about the acute shortfalls that UC faces, and and quantified a range of options for dealing with these shortfalls. Everyone involved with UC should give each slide in the deck their undivided attention. The whole exercise will take you about half an hour. You can’t understand  the meaning of Regent Blum’s call for high tuition unless you understand the slides that came before.



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