Summary and Minutes from the Last Regent’s Meeting

We have just received a copy of the events taking place during the last UC Regents Meeting at UCSF Mission Bay. Below is the Summary and here is a link to the Minutes (PDF): UC Regents Meeting March Minutes

Regents Meeting Summary

We were back at UCSF Mission Bay, which is where the remaining meetings for this school year will be held.  The main topics of Public Comment:

• Students spoke about: Campus Climate issues, including: LGBT students and the challenges they face, need better counseling, inclusive housing, health care, inclusive campus environment; having a student put on the Investment Advisory Committee,

• Numerous union members spoke against low wages, the lack of retirement benefits, for collective bargaining, and union voter rights

• Justice for Laya members spoke, asking for Jesse Cheng to be removed from the Student Regent Position

Below is more specific information on relevant agenda items to UCSA:


The Regents still have not given specifics or stated clearly how they intend the system to absorb the looming cuts, i.e. there have been no official changes to the UC budget at this time.  UCOP presented a range of possibilities, scenarios and budget models.  Many of these long-term scenarios emphasized using tuition increases to address UC budget gaps. The conversation, after the presentation, started very positively with several regents asking for more out of the box ideas and Regent Ruiz even told Patrick Lenz that he needed to be more thoughtful with the gap analysis and that Ruiz feels that the Regents do not have enough info on the numbers and how they will actually fill the gap. However, the conversation ended with Yudof gave a warning against the idea of hurting access and quality, leaving the need for affordability of UC completely unmentioned.

At this point, there is a lack of official UC support for the tax extensions proposed by Governor Brown. Yudof maintains that until he sees the language, he will not endorse the initiative, despite the fact that if the initiative is not passed, the cuts to the UC could double.  Alumni Regent DeFreece stated that the UC should support the initiative, but he was the only one that said that.

The regents also discussed the Funding Stream Proposal; there was very, very little discussion on it. Yudof stated that many things will be centralized, but that he believes that the campuses should get the money directly and that overall UCOP shouldn’t do REGENTS UPDATE March 2011Prepared by UA Director Louise Hendrickson for the UCSA Board of Directors The views expressed are not those of UCSA. 2 anything centrally unless they can save money or it is for an overall University good. Alfredo mentioned the need for more oversight, given what has happened at UCSC, but that line of conversation ended there. Regent Island commended Yudof for giving away this power and the discussion item ended.

Ed Policy:

The presentation that was supposed to happen in Ed policy concerning the creation of a safe and inclusive campus community for LBGT students was tabled as Speaker Perez was the one that requested the presentation and he did not attend the meeting.

Ad Hoc Regents Campus Climate Committee:

The President’s Ad Hoc committee met on Tuesday. It was an extremely long meeting. They discussed LBGT initiatives for each campus and went over best practices and discussed the diversity working group that will look at each campus and what they do. With campus climate, UCD discussed their rapid response team that deals with ANY issue that comes up, and the committee discussed the need to improve further the University-wide Campus Climate Incidents Reporting System, as currently some campuses have their own system, but there isn’t much reporting system-wide.

UCSA Presentation:

During Claudia’s presentation, she brought up issues with campus climate, discussing the recent events at UCLA, where the UCLA student released a racially insensitive and intolerant online video which illustrate the importance and urgency of addressing issues related campus climate, and requested serious consideration and immediate action on the restorative justice proposal submitted by UCSA. Doug was presenting with her and outlined what restorative justice is to the Regents. She also requested again that students get a rep on the Investment Advisory Committee and was talking about the Funding Streams proposal and there needing to be more oversight, when President Yudof commented in the middle of her presentation (which I have never seen before). He said that restorative justice is a great idea, wants to know specifically what students want UCOP to do with it, and that in regards to the funding streaming proposal that UCOP used to just cut money off the top, but he is giving up the power to do that and he wants students to talk with campus/Chancellors about any issues they have.

She also re-asked all the Regents to sign the letter stating their support of passing the DREAM Act. The count is now at 8, with Bonnie Riess signing on, along with those who signed last time: Regents Newsom, Blum, Ruiz, Island, Faculty Advisors Simmons and Anderson and Alumni Designate Lori Pelliccioni. Dean Chris Edley also signed a letter, but as you all know, he isn’t a regent.

Prepared by UA Director Louise Hendrickson for the UCSA Board of Directors The views expressed are not those of UCSA.


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