Occupations, Sit-Ins, Protest Across All Cal State Campuses


Today, on at the very least on 9 Cal State campuses, students occupied administrative buildings.  All 23 campuses participated, with highlights including an 800-student march at CSU Long Beach on the student services building (which the administration had preemptively locked to prevent an occupation); a 1000-student march at Sacramento State on the main administrative building with at least 100 participating in a sit-in, currently set to last overnight; and the consistently reiterated statewide demand that CSU Chancellor Charles Reed resign immediately.  For good overviews check out Occupy CAStudent Activism, and KTVU.  Good looks to Occupy CAfor compiling links to campus-specific news for FresnoMontereySacramento,East BayLong BeachPomonaNorthridgeSan Francisco State University, andSan Jose State University.  For updates follow the #apr13 Twitter feed here.

Our CSU comrades have it right.  Campus administrations can blame this on Sacramento all they want, but we don’t see them organizing a damn thing against subsequent cuts.  More to the point, it is precisely these administrations that have overseen the ballooning of top-tier managerial positions on these campuses, vastly outpacing new faculty hires.  The university belongs to those who use it! Good riddance to Reed, good riddance to Yudof, and good riddance to the entire bureaucratic-managerial class!


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