Support Ethnic Studies, Join the Hunger Strike!

While it is apparent that the University of California needs to fight cultural ignorance on their campuses (see previous incidents of racism) they are doing the opposite by slashing and consolidating Ethnic Studies programs. We already saw this happen at UC Santa Cruz, and it doesn’t seem to stop there. To top it off, these decisions come after a series of private business “professionals” have been hired to assess that culture is not a priority.

After all, uninformed people seem to ask less questions when they buy bullshit products, or when they hire business professionals to assess the value of culture, others might just think that having their university president in the latest episode of Boss is “kewl”.

Today at UC Berkeley, the Ethnic Studies students and faculty have expressed they have had enough of this stubborn promotion of ignorance  and racism after a threat was made to consolidate their departments by the University administration.


This afternoon, over 100 members of a coalition in defense of Ethnic Studies gathered at Sather Gate against the impending consolidation of their departments as part of Operational Excellence.  OE, it should be noted, has now been exported to UCSB, UCSF, UC Davis, and UCLA.  We now have “Organizational Excellence,” “Operational Efficiency,” and God knows how many other variants.  If Berkeley shelled out a cool $7 million to Bain, UCLA is using Huron, Davis ScottMadden Management, and Santa Barbara an “individual consultant.”  Against this affront to Ethnic Studies under the guise of austerity, the 100-200 students and their faculty allies marched to California Hall after announcing the inauguration of a hunger strike.  Eight students are now on hunger strike and stationed in front of California Hall.  They have declared their intention of staying the night, so please come out and show your support!

For an update post on the Hunger Strike regarding the administrations (typical) response, visit Those Who Use It.


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