The UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee just certified the recent Statewide and Local campus elections while throwing out ALL UC Berkeley and UCLA votes, the two largest campuses with a possible total of up to 40% of the votes. I guess they just don’t care about what those students have to say (specially, since they have stuff to say that does not please them). The UAW is deceiving you, it is taking your money and not caring about your opinion, it is putting PAID staffers (WHO ARE NOT STUDENTS AND WHO COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT YOU HAVE TO SAY, as this fraud just finally proved) in positions of power that make ALL the decisions regarding your employment and your salary, even though the crowd clearly expressed themselves against this corruption.

On Saturday night the UAW sent out a deceptive e-mail to its membership saying that the results have been “partially certified” (which they were not). What this really means is that they will try to illegally bring back the elements of representation who were there to begin with (Daraka et al.) and postpone the counting of your vote until the next Joint Council Meeting (which they run) TWO months from now, since by then it will be summer and school will be out, and the ballots can be well stuffed.

So the question remains:

Why keep paying a “Union” that acts like your Master?

It is time to dismantle the system of oppression.


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