On the UAW Local 2865 recent election

Last year, when concerns about vote tampering were raised by Graduate students (some of which would later become candidates for the AWDU caucus) during the ratification vote of the new UAW Local 2865 contract with the University of California, nothing was done by the UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee to address the issues of potential fraud, even though it was very well documented, recorded, and witnessed by dozens of students on several campuses throughout California.

Listen to the Audio Recording of one of the incidents @ the UC Irvine Campus from November 30, 2010, in which Paid staffers who were acting as poll members were instructing voters on how to vote.

Now, The USEJ caucus (which is the body that formerly denied those complaints and which is composed mainly of paid staff union members) has sent out a letter (see at the bottom of this post) to their supporters stating that the AWDU caucus @ Berkeley was intent on committing fraud during the most recent election.

However, their proof was to supply a picture that does not say absolutely anything about anything (see below).

As you could tell, this image of the alleged AWDU supporter going through the box is very ambiguous.  Is this person in fact setting-up the box? Taping the box? Making sure everything fit in the box before sealing it? WHO THE FUCK KNOWS. Also, we wonder why nothing was said to this person DURING the supposed action to “rummage” through the box nor why this particular “box” was not marked for challenge by USEJ members, rather than attempt to throw out the entire Berkeley vote. (For further analysis of this image visit Those Who Use It).

The letter by Dictator (since he was clearly not elected) Daraka Larimore-Hall also states that USEJ candidates and election committee members were called by homophobic slurs as they were attempting to illegally exit the vote count. This is curious, since 7 of 10 of the AWDU candidates for statewide elections are in fact QUEER. Where is the proof of all of this?

Now they are accusing the AWDU of attempting to “steal the election” when in fact it is THEM, the USEJ, who left the room and promptly moved to ratify results in their favor thereby disenfranchising all of the votes from UCLA and Berkeley.  Their plan is to install themselves in temporary positions while they try to force another election. This is all illegal procedure as indicated by Adam Hefty in a separate letter. To avoid potential claims that AWDU might tamper with the ballots yet to be counted they locked them inside a room to which they do not have a key and set up a video feed so that they can be watched 24 hrs. a day. (See the feed here).

These types of illegalities are exactly why the AWDU formed in the first place as a means to bring back some decency to our bargaining power with the University of California. But, the current Local’s administration does not seem to get it and they would rather run one anti-democratic exercise after another in order to feed their lust for power.

Don’t let them manipulate you. Demand that your vote be counted. Demand that they face the punishments for their illegal procedures and total disregard for Union By-laws.

Daraka Larimore-Hall, USEJ candidate for President, sent this message to supporters tonight:

Dear fellow UAW 2865 member,

I wish I was writing to you tonight with complete results of the election, but I cannot because of apparent fraud on the part of AWDU supporters at UC Berkeley and AWDU’s politcally-motivated challenges to counting the votes at UCLA.

An AWDU supporter at Berkeley was photographed opening and rummaging through the ballot box while polls were open (http://bit.ly/m6zr6w).  AWDU supporters at UC Berkeley also cancelled scheduled voting.

AWDU challengers at the count also blocked the counting of ballots at UCLA in an effort to erase their votes.

After the election committee voted (after 48 hours of counting and evaluating challenges) to refer outstanding challenges to the union’s joint council, AWDU members attempted to physically prevent the election committee from leaving the ballot counting room.  When USEJ members did leave, AWDU members hurled homophobic slurs at USEJ members.

As we move forward, we call on AWDU to stop the bullying, intimidation and harassment.  Don’t let AWDU steal the election!

Daraka Larimore-Hall
President Dictator, UAW Local 2865
Candidate for President, United for Social and Economic Justice

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