AWDU becomes the new face of the UAW Local 2865

Congratulations to the reform slate AWDU on their sweep of the Executive Board of the UAW Local 2865 and to all other winning candidates.

We expect change for the best and continued engagement.

Following are links:

AWDU on the Historic Win

UAW Local 2865 Official Count Sheet

Huffington Post Article on the AWDU sweep of the elections



  1. 無產黨 · · Reply

    Yes, congrats to UC management. This is a feat 10 years in the making – finally a faction to turn Local 2865 into a bourgeois vanguardist social club. Those of us routinely discriminated by AWDU (sciences, engineering, international students) will actively resist your club. What do Americans have to teach us about revolution anyway?

    1. Some of us here at UC Rebel Radio are from the Sciences and Engineering… always have been treated well by AWDU folks. Also, America did have one successful revolution. But, we are still trying to figure how your comment makes any sense.

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