About the Rebels and the Machine

About the Radio and the Machine:

UC Rebel Radio is a machine. However, unlike other machines, this one is under the power of the people. Slowly, and with the aid of the Rebels, this machine is humanized and stripped of its automatic nature.

UC Rebel Radio was created in December, 2009 by students, faculty, and staff of the University of California to serve as an alternative source of news and entertainment, to provide information about the student movement building on and among the UC campuses and to provide an alternative to mainstream music programming. Solidarity through music, through independent media free from administrative control of any kind: this is our purpose at UC Rebel Radio. If you dig it, read on, listen to some good music, learn about a few current events and feel free to comment or contact us.

How to Collaborate:

UC Rebel Radio is looking for news stories, interviews, opinions, and public service announcements for broadcast involving the UC community and the state of California. Please send all audio material in mp3 or wma audio formats to: ucrebelradio@gmail.com.

Become a DJ!

UC Rebel Radio is currently seeking comrades looking for a way to liberate the voice the university officials so often fight to suppress and willing to have 1 – 2 hour radio programs dedicated to inform and entertain fellow protesters. All you need to broadcast is a fast internet connection, (home dsl is good enough, but your school connections are even better!), a computer, and a headset, there is software available for free on the internet that can facilitate your transmission. We are here to teach you all the steps so that you can help us inform everyone. Please send us your proposal for a slot to our e-mail address and occupy this radio station!

About the Rebels:

Rebel Zero (a.k.a. The Machine): is the mechanical mule on which Rebel Dos sets out from La Mancha into the big wide world of The Airwaves. Occasionally, Rebel Zero experiences technical difficulties, or brays obnoxiously to a tune nobody likes, or just runs out of energy at which point Rebel Dos continues on foot, leading the machine by the reins.

Rebel Dos: is a dreamer who may sometimes be confused for a fool. He believes in the power of the people, music, and poetry. When not dealing with the many demands and stubbornness of his mule he likes to re-configure the machine into a boom box. Catch him Tuesdays @ 10 p.m.

Rebel 9: is a wandering flute player. He shows up about once a month to share the music from his travels around the land at the Rebel camp fire.

Rebel 420: is a sailor. From Madagascar to Singapore she has sailed on her happy ship. She enjoys cereal and the occasional batch of pancakes. When not eating, she plays excellent music every Monday night, also from 10pm to midnight.

Rebel 5 Billion 2nd: a poet whose words some consider “illegal”.

White Bunny: He escaped the land of Alice to make this world a little weirder.

Other Rebels who have participated with UC Rebel Radio include: Comrade A, Tricky Dick, RebelledaRojayNegraMariposa, Red Spectre, Rebel 1, and Rebel 11.


You may reach us via e-mail: ucrebelradio@gmail.com and on Skype —-> ucrebelradio.

Other Info:

Add us on Facebook to find out when we are on the air and visit our MySpace to check out some of our favorite band pages.


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