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UC Irvine ~ Public Forum w/ Chancellor Michael Drake (01/13/10)

Article about the event (New University)

On this day, it was clear the students questions outweighed the administration’s response. No administrator could ever address the real issues without promoting their own agenda (i.e. The Blue and Gold plan). All administrators rejected to talk about conduct issues and campus policing of activists.

The Irvine Expropriation: Episode 1 (cut) (04/16/10)

If you want to listen in to what UC Rebel Radio does when it calls a meeting, check this out.

Meeting w/ UAW Local 2865 President, Christine Petit (11/17/10)

The following text is from the article:

UAW rank-and-file at UC Irvine confront Local 2865 President

“This past Wednesday, November 17, a group of graduate students at UC Irvine met with UAW 2865 President and arch-anti-strike bureaucrat Christine Petit, asking her perfectly reasonable questions about why the union leadership remains staunchly opposed to calling a strike, why they sold us out for a pay cut in real terms, and why they parrot the “share the pain” logic coming from UCOP and their campus administration.  Note how Petit twice answers substantive questions by launching into ad hominem attacks on the members who asked them, as well as the awkward exchange in the last few minutes regarding job offers from management to bargaining team members.”

UAW Polling Station Argument between UAW Paid Staffer and Union members: UC IRVINE (Palo Verde Housing) (11/29/10)

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