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QUAC 3!!!

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Brown Asks UC Students and Unions to Help Cut the UC Budget by $500 Million

(From CHANGING UNIVERSITIES): The new California governor, Jerry Brown, has just announced a reduction of the UC and CSU budgets by $500 million each for 2011-12, and this time, the cuts will not be replaced by any federal recovery money. While the UC system will probably still show a net increase in revenue, the state […]

Wimminz Punk / Burn Your Fucking Bra

In no particular order: 1. Bikini Kill 2. Juliette & The Licks 3. Peaches 4. Le Tigre 5. Julie Ruin 6. Julie Ruin 7. Babes In Toyland 8. Bratmobile 9. Sleater-Kinney 10. Hole aka. anything related to Courtney Love 11. Heavens to Betsy 12. Yeah Yeah Yeahs (occasionally) 13. L7 14. The Devotchkas 15. Betty […]

First Day Banner Drops

Banners spotted at UCI on the first day of classes bearing slogans in support of October 7th Day of Action. Photos of banner drops on other campuses available at Occupy CA.