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March 2nd Rally @ UC Irvine (Report and Pictures)

About 100 people gathered today at the Flagpoles at UC Irvine to listen to members of the AFT, local activists, workers, and students explain the direct correlation between the defense of peaceful protest and the demand for a better education and, in general, to discuss the situation of our state’s economy. Despite the heavy presence of police […]

March 2nd Rally @ UC Irvine

Rally @ UC Irvine on March 2nd, Day of Action will be held at the Flagpoles: From Facebook Event Page This is a tentative announcement concerning the rally in support of public education and student activism. It is a part of actions around the state to both fight the cuts to public education, and the […]

UC Berkeley releases schedule for March 2: Day of Action for Public Education

(From Those Who Use It):

UPR Students Prepare for 1.11.11

(From OCCUPYCA): PUERTO RICO – Students of the University of Puerto Rico have announced tomorrow, January 11th, as a day of strike against the $800 tuition increase.

New Round of Chalking @ UC Irvine

UC Irvine – Students and faculty got their hands dirty this morning at UC Irvine as free chalk was all of a sudden available in front of the Langson Library and the Administration building. Some  students wrote slogans of protest addressing recent UC-based incidents and grievances.  Some slogans remembered the previous mass-chalking events at the University […]

Tales from a Dance Despite Repression

On the evening of December 02, 2010, students gathered to reclaim university space with music and dance @ Humanities Hall in UC Irvine. People shared their tunes and glow sticks. The only sour note of the night was when the lone police officer (Haid) crashed the party to “take a couple of names down to […]

An interview hangs from a worm in the convincing accident.

Hello Friends of Music, The weather is cold and I hate the holidays.  Here are some shows that I’ll be attending or wishing that I was attending or being too drunk to attend.  I’ll be updating this list continually throughout the month to add awesome things I hear about or fill in the TBAs. Nov […]