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On the UAW Local 2865 recent election

Last year, when concerns about vote tampering were raised by Graduate students (some of which would later become candidates for the AWDU caucus) during the ratification vote of the new UAW Local 2865 contract with the University of California, nothing was done by the UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee to address the issues of potential […]

Support Ethnic Studies, Join the Hunger Strike!

While it is apparent that the University of California needs to fight cultural ignorance on their campuses (see previous incidents of racism) they are doing the opposite by slashing and consolidating Ethnic Studies programs. We already saw this happen at UC Santa Cruz, and it doesn’t seem to stop there. To top it off, these […]

Meet the “Boss” @ UCR!!!

This video was posted by Those Who Use It. Although it is pretty self-explanatory, the question remains: how would you like to be attending a University, an institution of Higher Learning, ran by this guy?

The Sacramento State Occupation Ends After Riot Police Breaks Into Building

(FROM SACSTATESQE): The following is a short press that was released to a local news channel about the events that occured early this morning: This morning on the fourth day, April 16 at 3:24 A.M. we were met with the administration’s opposition expressed through a riot taskforce. Earlier that morning at approximately 12:30 A.M CSUS […]

The Irvine 11 Plea Not Guilty

(FROM THE LA TIMES ARTICLE): Eleven student activists pleaded not guilty Friday in a Santa Ana courtroom to disturbing a speech by Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren last year at UC Irvine. The group, known as the Irvine 11 — three of the students are actually from UC Riverside — were charged with misdemeanor disturbing a […]

Fullerton College Walks Out

(FROM THE OTHER SIDE OF THE TRACKS) Once again, community colleges and universities across California are facing drastic cut backs due to the state’s budgetary crisis. On March 14, students from a community college in Fullerton made their voices heard by staging a walk-out and protest. Making their way through the busy restaurant and bar […]

Big Regent Is Watching You!

Along with the recent discovery of an administrative infiltration of activists’ circles at UC Davis and surveillance at UC Berkeley (read here and here), it has just come to our attention that the administrative violence is rampant and quite widespread. Information suggesting that UCIPD has been working with the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, a local Joint Terrorism […]