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On the UAW Local 2865 recent election

Last year, when concerns about vote tampering were raised by Graduate students (some of which would later become candidates for the AWDU caucus) during the ratification vote of the new UAW Local 2865 contract with the University of California, nothing was done by the UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee to address the issues of potential […]

Meet the “Boss” @ UCR!!!

This video was posted by Those Who Use It. Although it is pretty self-explanatory, the question remains: how would you like to be attending a University, an institution of Higher Learning, ran by this guy?

Regent Blum Wants to Raise In-State UC Tuition to $40,000

(From Remaking The University) No, Richard Blum didn’t actually say that.   But that’s where the plan he mentioned at a Wednesday Regents’ session ends up.  Let me explain. On Wednesday afternoon, the Regents were treated to a helpful budgetary presentation by senior UCOP budget officials Patrick Lenz and Nathan Bostrom – helpful because it looked at […]

Against Racism and Cultural Ignorance

Recently, the campaigns against racism have been more noticeable across the University of California campuses. Unfortunately, this is in great part due to the continuing incidents of racism which Administrators fail to recognize. These include, but are not limited to: the “nooze” incident at UCSD, the failure to insource Latin-American workers at UC Irvine, the […]

A Grand Jury is Convened to Hear Possible Felony Charges to Be Brought Up Against the Irvine 11

The Irvine 11 get the OCDA treatment as a Grand Jury is convened to review the case of the Irvine 11 (Read here). In the mean time, the University of California, Irvine’s Chancellor’s Office issues “an apology” for a case of racist insensitivity during a “Chicken and Waffles” incident to “conmemorate” MLK day. (Read here). […]

New 8% fee increase masked as “holistic” approach to admissions.

Whereas a lot of students are cheering the new “holistic” review of incoming students to the University of California as a means of leveling the field for underpriviliged students and minorities, it comes with the warning of another 8% fee increase and the end of the promise of guaranteed admission to every qualified student in […]

UCI court update on the case of the OCDA against the 19 students and AFSCME members who participated in the sit-in on Feb. 24, 2010