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The UAW Local 2865 Elections Committee just certified the recent Statewide and Local campus elections while throwing out ALL UC Berkeley and UCLA votes, the two largest campuses with a possible total of up to 40% of the votes. I guess they just don’t care about what those students have to say (specially, since they […]

Support Ethnic Studies, Join the Hunger Strike!

While it is apparent that the University of California needs to fight cultural ignorance on their campuses (see previous incidents of racism) they are doing the opposite by slashing and consolidating Ethnic Studies programs. We already saw this happen at UC Santa Cruz, and it doesn’t seem to stop there. To top it off, these […]

Big Regent Is Watching You!

Along with the recent discovery of an administrative infiltration of activists’ circles at UC Davis and surveillance at UC Berkeley (read here and here), it has just come to our attention that the administrative violence is rampant and quite widespread. Information suggesting that UCIPD has been working with the Orange County Intelligence Assessment Center, a local Joint Terrorism […]

March 2nd Rally @ UC Irvine (Report and Pictures)

About 100 people gathered today at the Flagpoles at UC Irvine to listen to members of the AFT, local activists, workers, and students explain the direct correlation between the defense of peaceful protest and the demand for a better education and, in general, to discuss the situation of our state’s economy. Despite the heavy presence of police […]

UC Berkeley releases schedule for March 2: Day of Action for Public Education

(From Those Who Use It):

5 students get letters from the UC office of Conduct for “chalking” at UC Berkeley

(from Those Who Use It): Almost exactly a year after the occupation of Wheeler Hall, UC Berkeley students chalked messages and slogans all over the campus.  This immediately followed the UC Regents’ meeting at UCSF-Mission Bay 2 days before at which 13 students were wrongfully arrested and UCIPD cop Jared Kemper pulled a gun on unarmed students […]

“Politics of Victimhood” from Relatos Zapatistas Radio

We just received a radio interview/podcast from Relatos Zapatistas @ Radio Zapatista pirate radio from Berkeley. The first 30 minutes cover much of the protests from the Mehserle sentencing and jailing of 100 protesters @ Oakland during the ensuing protest as well as the UC Regents meeting at UCSF at which Jared Kemper drew his […]