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“Politics of Victimhood” from Relatos Zapatistas Radio

We just received a radio interview/podcast from Relatos Zapatistas @ Radio Zapatista pirate radio from Berkeley. The first 30 minutes cover much of the protests from the Mehserle sentencing and jailing of 100 protesters @ Oakland during the ensuing protest as well as the UC Regents meeting at UCSF at which Jared Kemper drew his […]

UC Merced student charged with felony for UC Regents Meeting Protest

(From THOSE WHO USE IT) A couple of days ago we reported that UC Merced student Peter Howell was subjected to a full-on stakeout for four bullshit misdemeanor charges. The plot thickens yet again. We have just learned that Howell had been charged with a felony (in addition to three remaining misdemeanors) for allegedly grabbing Kemper’s […]

More post-Regents’ meeting repression: UC Merced student charged with 4 misdemeanors

(From Those Who Use It): If you remember back to late November when UC Irvine cop Jared Kemper pulled a gun on unarmed students, both UCPD and UCOP issued public statements claiming that a student had grabbed Kemper’s baton and shouted, “Get his gun!”  Publicly available video (on KTVU no less!) showed this to be an […]