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Against Racism and Cultural Ignorance

Recently, the campaigns against racism have been more noticeable across the University of California campuses. Unfortunately, this is in great part due to the continuing incidents of racism which Administrators fail to recognize. These include, but are not limited to: the “nooze” incident at UCSD, the failure to insource Latin-American workers at UC Irvine, the […]

New 8% fee increase masked as “holistic” approach to admissions.

Whereas a lot of students are cheering the new “holistic” review of incoming students to the University of California as a means of leveling the field for underpriviliged students and minorities, it comes with the warning of another 8% fee increase and the end of the promise of guaranteed admission to every qualified student in […]

Yudof warns of a more exclusive UC

(From UC Regent Live): (01-19) 18:16 PST SAN DIEGO — The University of California will shut out tens of thousands of qualified students over the next decade as deep budget cuts force the nation’s premier public university to become more exclusive, UC President Mark Yudof told the regents Wednesday in San Diego. UC is staring […]

San Diego Banner Drop In Support of UCI’s MSU

(via occupyuci) From Su Camarada: