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Against Racism and Cultural Ignorance

Recently, the campaigns against racism have been more noticeable across the University of California campuses. Unfortunately, this is in great part due to the continuing incidents of racism which Administrators fail to recognize. These include, but are not limited to: the “nooze” incident at UCSD, the failure to insource Latin-American workers at UC Irvine, the […]

March 2nd Rally @ UC Irvine (Report and Pictures)

About 100 people gathered today at the Flagpoles at UC Irvine to listen to members of the AFT, local activists, workers, and students explain the direct correlation between the defense of peaceful protest and the demand for a better education and, in general, to discuss the situation of our state’s economy. Despite the heavy¬†presence¬†of police […]

The end of American Studies at UCSC

(via Shawn Freeman): UCSC has suspended the American Studies program with a possible permanent termination of the major. This is a very sad day for UCSC considering that the school already doesn’t have an Ethnic Studies program.“American Studies has been an important site for studying US culture and politics and one of the programs where […]

Call for UC general strike Nov. 16.

“The University of California Administration and the UC Regents in particular have continued to demonstrate their callous disregard for the lives and futures of the Students and Workers who make up the University. The malicious assault which they are now leading against the pensions of employees, the conditions and wages of academic workers, and the […]