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QUAC This way…

In alliance with the radical queer communities in Orange County, UC Rebel Radio is happy to help out  QUAC (Queer Zine) make their first and second issues available for print and download.  We hope you enjoy it. The PDF link is below: QUAC #2 QUAC #1 Advertisements

Sorry for the troubles with our listening page, here is some reading you could do instead!

From the Preface to Race, Nation, Class: Ambiguous Identities by Etienne Balibar “For different reasons, I totally agree that, in present-day capitalism, generalized formal education has become not only ‘reproductive’, but productive of class differences. It is merely that, being less ‘optimistic’ than [Wallerstein] is, I do not believe that this ‘meritocratic’ mechanism is politically more fragile than the historical […]

AWDU becomes the new face of the UAW Local 2865

Congratulations to the reform slate AWDU on their sweep of the Executive Board of the UAW Local 2865 and to all other winning candidates. We expect change for the best and continued engagement. Following are links: AWDU on the Historic Win UAW Local 2865 Official Count Sheet Huffington Post Article on the AWDU sweep of […]

News from the latest Regents’ meeting

(FROM THOSE WHO USE IT) While most of the attention around the protests at this week’s UC Regents’ meeting at UCSF has been focused on sexual battery allegations against student Regent Jesse Cheng, mass worker protests have been taking place on campuses including Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Davis, and UCLA.  Another group of a few dozen workers gathered at UCSF to protest […]

Just Trying to Say that We Don’t Care

In a response to a recent demand from the administrative staff at the University of California (read this and this), a new article was posted on Chris Newfield’s blog that we thought we should share:

UC Merced student charged with felony for UC Regents Meeting Protest

(From THOSE WHO USE IT) A couple of days ago we reported that UC Merced student Peter Howell was subjected to a full-on stakeout for four bullshit misdemeanor charges. The plot thickens yet again. We have just learned that Howell had been charged with a felony (in addition to three remaining misdemeanors) for allegedly grabbing Kemper’s […]

University of Puerto Rico Students Arrested and Injured

(Via OCCUPYCA) SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico – [BREAKING] 21 or more students were arrested, at least 2 hospitalized, and around 8 police injured today in clashes related to the student strike at the University of Puerto Rico. Although still unclear, it appears students attempted to shutdown business as usual at the natural sciences building at […]