4 More Detained Today During Massive Chalking Demo @ UC Irvine

There was a chalking demonstration today at the UC Irvine campus to protest the detention of 5 students last week during another campus chalking demonstration. UCI Students on their way to and from class as well as high schoolers on their tour of the campus joined in the protest. This time, 4 students were detained. To the surprise of everyone, Officer Kemper (UCIPD) showed up to the protest along with four other men (and woman) in blue to harass the freedom of speech demonstrators. Kemper left the scene after he was found out and students began to ask him about his gun.

Read more about this chalking demonstration at OCCUPY UCI.



  1. […] I’ll have a full post up on this later — after I teach — but for now check out this comment and the photos and brief writeup here. […]

  2. […] UC Irvine, the police officer who pulled a gun on student protesters last week was part of the posse sent to round up students chalking slogans on the […]

  3. […] chalked the floor as the police kept a close watch, but this time there were no detentions. (See previous chalking detentions at UC Irvine). There are reports from other universities in California including a report on an arrest made at […]

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